Jennie H.

Jennie H.

Jennie H.

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È così Jennie

I am American, here in Italy for 9 years. For the last 5 years I have been teaching privately English to children from the age of 3 to 10 in their homes. I have discovered that I enjoy this work very much and am pretty good. I ended up teaching young children because when I first started, my 'teacher' friends gave me the pupils they didn't want. It just so happened they were all young kids. I will gladly teach any age though. It is very satisfying when a person begins to learn or improve on their English because of my teaching.


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Insegnanti di lingue: Inglese

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Baby sitter: Babysitter neonati | Babysitter inglese | Babysitter

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All my students were taught privately in their homes. The first one Simon started out as a babysitting job because the father was sick but turned into English lessons. After 2 years the family moved away. Through word of mouth I got two other students from Simon's school that I taught for 1 year. Four years ago I answered an ad and for the past 4 years I have had an amazing little boy to teach who is now fluent in English at the age of 6 thanks to me. Through his family I have also been teaching two little brothers for a year, one of which is learning fast and by this time next year I hope to have speaking fluently as well. For August I am without work because everyone goes on vacation. So if there is anything needed at this moment, call me.....Thank you.


Besides the 13 years of English study I did in America, I am now going to school online to learn more. I also worked as a badante for 3 years when I first came to Italy. Sono certificato 'assitente famigliare'.


English- madre lingua
Italian-livello medio
Spagnolo- livello base