Nada S.

Nada S.

Nada S.

È di Lecco (Lecco)

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È così Nada

My name is nada sioud. I'm a tunisian student and i came to italy for my master's thesis in politecnico di milano , lecco campus. Ever since i was little, i wanted to travel to other countries. My first stop is italy. I loved this country for many reasons, but the mo...


Insegnanti di lingue: Arabo | Francese | Inglese

Baby sitter: Babysitter inglese | Babysitter

Servizi professionali e freelance: Correttori e traduttori


I have experience with dealing with kids since i had to take care of my little brother when he was young, then my cousins when their parents are busy. I will be happy to meet kids from a diffrent country, even though i'm pretty sure all kids are the same.


I studied mechatronics engineering in my country tunisia. I came to italy for my master's thesis. I studied languages as part of my hobbies.


I can speak arabic, english and french fluently. Also i learned japanese , korean and spanish. And since i came to italy, i started to learn italian. Now i can understand italian and i can speak a bit. I like learning languages so italian will be my next challenge !